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Abundance of Love.  Yes, it is possible.  If you are looking for the long term relationship of your dreams, it is possible. That person is out there, somewhere, also looking…for you!

But how are you going to find him or her?  How is that person going to find you?

Many of us resort to the dating sites.

….but it’s a jungle out there!  How to choose?  They run the gamut from hook up-sites to more serious venues. But no matter which you choose,  every site has some sort of profile, with more or less (often less) content. What to say?!

Words have power.  A profile is like a net, and your exact choice in language used, how you present yourself, will determine what kind of fish you catch.

Even if you do not choose to utilize any dating sites, the process of developing a written profile can make all the difference in who you attract, who you choose and the quality of your next relationship.  The process helps you clarify what you need and what you want, and self awareness is essentially the foundation for any new relationship.

The million dollar question is, what is your goal?  Do you want to be a “professional dater,” with a lifestyle of serial dating?  You will want to make that clear and find like-minded people.  I recently spoke to someone who said he has been “successfully online dating for over a year.”  That is great if that is what he wants: long-term dating as a lifestyle.   Exploring and having fun is great if everyone is 100% on the same page.

But some of us want to find a life partner.

Are you serious about finding your “soulmate,” a deep and joyful union with the love of your life?

There is a common joke, or myth, among single women that “all the good guys are taken. Or gay. Or too neurotic. Or drunk.  Or married…”   Well, they are WRONG.  No matter what your age, what your persuasion, gay, straight, whatever, there is someone wonderful for you.  But you have to build a bridge for them to find and reach you.  That bridge in online dating is your profile.

Of course this is a process of discovery. So, how long does it take to find someone?  Some are online for two, three years before finding what they want.  The old saying “You can’t push the river” is right. But often, part of the problem is lack of clarity in their profiles, about who they are, what they have to offer, and what they seek.

What if you could find that really special person in a month, two months, or at least within this year?

So how does a man or woman make sure the right people respond?

My name is Catherine.  I write profiles for dating sites, and here is why:  In my own experiences on two  sites, I saw over and over that people have deep gifts and golden hearts, but find it very difficult to present these things online.  How do you talk about yourself?  How do describe yourself and state your good points without sounding arrogant or superior? How do you say what you really want without scaring men, or women, away?

Problem is, to get what we truly want, we must craft a profile that is highly charged with our own unique personality, values, passions and goals.

I can help you do this.  As a  professional profile writer, I can help you present yourself in a way that is attractive to the one you want to attract!  I never use “templates” as no two people are alike!  Every profile is totally tailored to your unique interests and desires.

When in marketing, I had clients with brilliant, useful, innovative products that people would love, who just could not find their audience.  All good marketing is matchmaking of a sort. You can be the most wonderful man or woman in the world, but your qualities and personality must come through in your profile.

But while I was first preparing my profile to truly reflect me and to attract the right person, I learned very much.  In fact, my personal experience in online dating is why I am offering this service.  I was not expecting to see  the intensity of desire for real connection, real relationship, and also the sheer wealth of beautiful men and women out there looking, an abundance of good, loving people who, male and female and everything in-between, who want love, want a good, healthy, devoted relationship.

Look, let me tell you, I am not beautiful.  I am not young.  At the time, I was not wildly successful or rich.  The only thing I had going for me was a profile that really expressed my deepest values and dreams and goals. I was a person like you, with human flaws, and with hopes and dreams of sharing my life with the right person.  I spent a LOT of time developing a profile for myself that really truly reflected who I am.  I determined exactly what I need in a relationship, what my core values are, and what the deal breakers are for me.  From that I built a profile that fit me.

Once on two sites, as emails came pouring in (remember, I am NOT a beauty or wealthy!), I met wonderful people, one after the other.  Some are still friends. But when I found the person I was looking for, we both knew, first from our profiles, then from emails and then our meetings, that we are perfectly matched (Not that either of us are perfect, but we are perfect for each other). Once I was online, on the two sites, it took about a month to find my beloved. But in that time, most of the emails and calls I received, people commented on how much of myself I managed to communicate in my profile, again and again people told me “I wish I could write my profile like yours.”   It was authenticity and strength of my profile which attracted allot of very good people and potential matches and soon found me my Life Partner.  If you are curious, this is the site on which we found each other, check it out (copy and paste into your browser):

I am a writer born to a family of writers, with a background in niche marketing.  But more important than that, I went through the dating site maze and found the Life Partner I dreamed of.  As a writer, I was once called a “word weaver,” a lovely complement, but truly my goal in writing is to weave meaning and significance onto the page, painting a realistic yet profound reflection of the truth of things, bringing the essential person into a written profile, a profile that feels honest and genuine and very personal and real.  That essential honest portrayal then allows the individual to attract the right person.  That is the kind of profile that brings two hearts together.

I take this work very seriously and spend much time and care in the process.  Your future mate wants to really know about you, about your relationship goals and dreams, and I want to help you present yourself authentically and fully.

If you are already on dating sites you can make a fresh start.  If you have not joined one, this is a great time to pre-pave the future with your intentions.  I will recommend sites and discuss options.  There are many good ones.  I am so grateful for the two sites I used, and so grateful for the power of language, for the tool of words to draw a clear, authentic picture, one that allows for clarity and recognition. I found my life partner, with unusual speed, and, of course,  I cannot promise this or anything to my clients.  But I can help you craft a profile that so reflects the true you, that it give you your best chance of finding the love of your life.

I would love to use my skills to help you define and express your deepest desires, in order to help you find the right person for you. Fill out this form and I will contact you soon!  Then see below for further information on the process.


There are four main components to the process, 3 optional, your choice:

  1. Written questions about you and other helpful resources
  2. Initial Skype or phone call (optional)
  3. Photo choices (optional)
  4. Follow-up call or Skype (optional)

I will send you an introduction and ask you to answer a list of questions, and if you like (optional but highly recommended), to complete a brief Myers Briggs test (takes about 20 minutes) and Complete the 5 Love Languages Profile (takes less than 10 minutes) then send all to me via email. If you already have profiles on various sites you can send me those as well.  I need to get a complete sense of who you are and what you seek.

Then to have our phone or Skype meeting which usually lasts about 30 minutes.  We go over many aspects of the three areas: who you are at your core, what you are looking for in a mate or lover, and what you want in a relationship.  If you have not chosen a dating site we will also talk about the various sites and which ones might best match your desires, goals and personality.

You also may (Optional) end me up to 15 photos that you think might be good on a dating site so we can talk about your best pic choices (worth a thousand words!).

After that I will work on a profile  that you can adapt to any site as you choose.  I may email you with questions for any clarification needed, or preferences.

We will have a follow up call usually about 15 to 30 minutes before you launch your profile, in which we can discuss the best way to search for a compatible match, how to screen responses, and how to reach out to them once you’ve found them for best results. We can also discuss dating site etiquette.

My service includes up to one rewrite, to include anything new that might come up in our follow up call, or any adjustment you may wish.  Of course once the profile is written, it is yours to change as you may wish at any time.

My Fees: $130 paid via Pay Pal

I wish you every joy and happiness in your journey.  I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in finding the perfect match for you.

Catherine Matson

Catherine Matson is Back