The YourTime International Community of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs is founded on the belief that LIFESTYLE FREEDOM is achievable for anyone by thinking outside the box and learning from others. We are devoted to and passionate about the curious psychology of success: the direct relationship between state-of-mind and fiscal forward movement. We are always looking for effective tools to promote well-being and prosperity, as these aspects of our lives are not separate, rather are two sides of the same golden coin. We hold that the best wealth creation happens from the INSIDE out.

This is the new money paradigm.

It can be pictured as a pyramid (like the “food pyramid”) with attitude, mindset and energy as the broad base for the next layer, the middle layer, which is money making, particularly now via the world wide web. On top of those two layers comes the Lifestyle you crave: TIME FREEDOM, Financial Freedom, Travel, Adventure, Self expression, Self Actualization.

We want you to have the whole pyramid.

But it doesn’t stop there, because the key to success is in helping other people experience the same growth in personal attitude, happiness, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. It is all about paying it forward, connecting with others, finding ways to contribute, to offer real value and encouragement to others, and to live joyfully and fully in the process.

This is where AND HOW we find Money as the Root of all Freedom and THE POWER TO DO GOOD.

We are a community of regular people who have zigged when everyone else is zagging; normal, average folks who have zigged right into financial freedom of a sort most only dream of. We promote international travel and volunteerism as part of a healthy lifestyle to make a healthier world. We refuse to accept the myth of scarcity or the attitude of competition. There IS enough to go around, it IS attainable, and we promote always “paying it forward.”

We will share our stories, the tried and true tools we have used, the mistakes and pitfalls to avoid, and together we will search the world for innovative ways to achieve and build financial freedom. This is a very exciting time to be alive. There is always something new to discover. Working together we have a veritable treasure trove of information, tools and lifestyle philosophy. This means YOU DON’T HAVE TO RE-INVENT THE WHEEL!  Our goal is to offer real solutions for real people.

YourTime Lifestyle is all about just that: YOUR TIME and YOUR LIFESTYLE, and the things you can do to give yourself the time freedom you want.  Visit us on Facebook and share with us your adventures and travels!  We look forward to meeting you!

We want you to be happy and prosperous, to wake up each day excited about what is to come.  It takes a village to create millionaires, a fleet of ships to bring YOUR ship in. We are a virtual floating village.

Welcome aboard.

Catherine Matson, Founder